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About Us


Samir Charitable Trust is a Charitable Trust in India registered as a Public Charitable Trust and is based in Patna, Bihar. Samir Charitable Trust closely works with the vulnerable communities and empowers the socially marginalized by providing them livelihood linkages, imparting skills leading to employment, health and education facilities. The focus areas of Samir Charitable Trust are Women Enpowerment, skill development, health and education, Old Age Home , financial inclusion, rehabilitation and resettlement and other community development initiatives

Samir Charitable Trust began as a Charitable Trust that pioneered in rejuvenating underprivileged slums and vulnerable neighborhoods into self-sustaining and developed communities by its Integrated Community Develop-ment Programme changing the environment of urban slums. Samir Charitable Trust through its one-stop centers pro-vides supports to slum dwellers to obtain government identities, providing them access to public benefit schemes, imparting skills leading to employment, micro-finance for vital personal consumption and setting up SMEs and providing access to habitable environment and basic education.

Board Of Trustees
Name Designation Email
Dr. G.D.N Singh President dr.gdnsingh@samircharitabletrust.org
Laxmi Secretary laxmi@samircharitabletrust.org
Namrata Singh Vice Seceretary namrata@samircharitabletrust.org
Mr. Rohit Kumar Treasurer rohit@samircharitabletrust.org
Dr. Amit Kumar Singh Trustee dr.amit@samircharitabletrust.org
Akash Chanchal Jha Trustee akash@samircharitabletrust.org
Advita Singh Trustee advitasingh@samircharitabletrust.org
Sushama Kumari Trustee Sushma@samircharitabletrust.org
Mr. Dhananjay Sharma Trustee dhananjaysharma@samircharitabletrust.org
Mr. Bhola Chakrabarty Trustee bholachakrabarty@samircharitabletrust.org