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Some 620 million people across India defecate outside, the largest number world-wide. About 70% of rural Indians don't use toilets, and 28 million children have no toilet facilities in school, according to Unicef. It is common practice for India's mothers to dispose of their children's waste in the open .

About 48 per cent of children in India are suffering from some degree of malnutrition. Diarrhea and worm infection are two major health conditions that affect school age children, at the least impacting their learning abilities, at worst contributing to high child mortality rates. We are now poised to improve our health and hygiene program.

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There is nothing greater than being able to help the people in need. If we can transform even 1 life for the better, then we believe our efforts have paid off. Our mission is to reach out to maximum people possible and attend to their needs. If our effort can benefit someone, why not take the initiative and move forward. Very often we tend to ignore the poor, may be due to lack of time or may be we think it's none of our business. We depend on the Government and the NGOs to help the poor. We should realize that if our society is to grow, we have to help the needy - uplift them to the level where they will be self-dependent and will be counted as a respectable member of the society.

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